Description of the Guide for Driving in Okinawa and Japan

A Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Way to Learn the Rules and Road Signs Before Driving in Japan or Okinawa 

The Driver's Guide for Okinawa and Japan is easy to read and understand. It includes important information for driving safely in Japan and Okinawa as it concentrates on the rules and regulations as they differ from those in the states.

It cuts to the chase and provides the information you need to pass the written driver's test.

The Road Signs are in color with simple descriptions and explanations. 

By removing the military jargon (in accordance with...), it is considerably shorter and definetely easier to read then the smaller print military manual.  

The Driver's Guide begins with rules and customs that apply in Japan and Okinawa. It is divided into sections and includes two appendixes. Appendix One is in color and includes Road Signs with descriptions. Appendix Two is a sampling of Japanese Road Law Penalties. 

Enjoy your tour in Japan or Okinawa. See the many historical and beautiful sites, and drive safely!   

Simply click on Add to Cart and the manual is yours in minutes! Save it to your PC, print it, it's up to you.   

Driving Guide for Japan and Okinawa

Driving Guide for Japan and Okinawa

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